Another look at my main’s builder base.


Currently using this base design and its working really good so far.

Credits go to: this redditor here

I’m having quite a bit of fun in BH5 right now crushing every BH4 I see and holding my own against most BH5s. I usually play for less than 5 battles every day and I’m able to gain max loot.



This base is holding up really well and I’m quite happy with the results. Finishing up my BH5 guide right now.

For people who do not yet know, rushing is zero disadvantages in the BB. Matchmaking is based almost entirely off trophy count so a BH4 sees the same amount of BH5 as another BH5. In the main base, this should also apply >3200 cups which is not. A TH9 can find another TH9 much more easily than a TH11.

Then another problem is when some maxers persistently max and yet complain in the forums when they are matched against higher BH levels. Nobody is forcing you to max and you better get rid of that scrub mentality.

Scrub: “A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about. A scrub does not play to win.”


While its alright to say “I play for fun”, it is NOT alright to blame your losses on people using a superior strategy and beating you with that strategy. To be clear, even if there is a button which you press which causes you to instantly win, it is still fair play to press that button whenever the opportunity arises. Its up to the developers to fix the “I win” button, and not the players to deem whether that button is fair or not.

I just got another infraction in the forums when I pointed out the scrub mentality and its my final warning, as I’m told. In that case, I’ll just leave some of the more toxic things I want to say over here in my own blog.

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