Resources needed to max walls = 214mil, done 42mil since 3 days ago

Farming is really coming very easily on this account, just bowitch or laloon spam and I’ll see a ton of resources coming in. Just a chill way of playing this game and maxing out walls. The other account is much more stressful as I need to farm DE like a madman, at least its going well.

Had a free builder for the past 2 days and that’s why I could do a ton of walls. Today just used that builder to upgrade my 4th cannon to max

I’m about 45 days to maxed defenses if I keep all 5 builders busy. I am still thinking whether I want to do that or wait till my walls more complete. At this speed, I will probably finish walls in 20 days but I know the speed will drop drastically if I keep all 5 builders working.


Found this base:


And despite being a strong attacker, I gave the player a shield:


So there really is not much incentive to build defenses because as a strong attacker, I do not want to harm my heroes nor risk failing an easy attack. Hence, it is easy to overcommit and give a shield.

But I’d rather give the player a shield (I have no grudge against engineers) than me failing my attack or risking my AQ in harm’s way

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