Upgraded 4 lvl11 walls and 1 lvl12 wall today (16mil resources). Only 48mil resources to maxed walls!! 🙂 It also means that I have completed my lvl11 walls, only 12 lvl12 walls to go.

Walls looking really good and I’m happy about that, I just need to farm more DE for the next BK level and I’m all set. AQ only has one more level after BK and my DE grind should be over in 6 days.

Upgraded a mortar today and won’t have a free builder in 2 days, so I cannot farm as much these two days. Just need to farm for what I need. BK wakes in 3 days and I will need 176k DE, that means I need to farm 83k DE in 3 days. Ideally I want as much as possible so that AQ becomes easier after that. I need to farm minimum 28k DE per day and 32k if possible.


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