Resources needed to max walls = 190mil. Upgraded 24mil worth of walls since 2 days ago.

Decent haul and my walls are going good. My sem break will end next week and I think I will not keep an idle builder anymore after my semester starts. I will probably not be able to farm enough to justify the idle builder. I’m around 44 days to maxed defenses if I keep all 5 builders working (around 55 if I keep only 4)

Started the 3rd mortar upgrade to lvl9, I still have another lvl9 to go and 4 lvl10 mortars to upgrade.


Here are some troop comps to use during the event:


The stronger TH11 account has all 3 heroes up, but the first army can be used with just AQ awake. The second army is good for collector raiding in place of barch, but the training time is simply atrocious so I will only do 3 raids before I go back to my standard raids.


  1. I’ve been taking 30 valks, 2 jumps and 3 heals

    Usually need only 1 jump. Been boosting and hitting dead bases all weekend. (takes me around 10 mins to find a good dead base so this worked out really well.)

    Warden going to lv17. Only 25 days til max.
    I’ve been getting a lot of elixir so I’ve finally started upgrading my gold storages. Had bought the $1 pack to upgrade the cc.

    My walls are all lv9, around 100 lv10. Long way to go.

    King/queen are 23/27. Long way to go there too. Troops aren’t great either. Hate how SC keeps adding pointless levels to troops and spells. Feels like they’re moving the finish line every time I get close lol

    My goal has always been to get as many flaming tiles on my profile page. With this update, I lost the flaming heal spell icon 😦


    • Dead bases seem a little scarce these few days, farming is a little impacted. Even laloon doesn’t earn much because live bases really suck for loot.

      My valks were lvl1 on my mini so couldn’t really use it. And my 15 valk combo was also trash it seems, just barely enough to get the 50% on dead bases where barch would’ve gotten it easily.

      Great job with your heroes, maxed barch + warden is a really powerful army if you want to use it. New update coming and no signs of any DE spending required, so you can upgrade heroes in peace. Exactly, my main has tasted near completion of lab so many times but never have been able to make it. They just added another 10 weeks and that will be a grind.


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