Upgraded 3 lvl12 walls today. Only 9 walls left! (36mil resources)

I’m confident that I can complete my walls in this week. Not much farming these 2 days because I went out quite a lot this weekend. My sem break is going to end next Tuesday (8 days) so I’ll just need to farm hard for a few more days. But it will be worth it because my warden and AQ will finish and I don’t need to farm much afterwards.

The biggest challenge afterwards will be the lack of motivation in farming BK after I overflow all my storages with no walls and no other hero to farm. But I’m hopeful that I can overcome it.

Have 153k DE today, BK will cost 176k tomorrow so I’m in no trouble to afford him. I will try my best to get 200k because that means AQ will be easier to farm later on.

Upgraded an Air defense today, no reason in particular, just needed a free builder in 6 days.


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