Only upgraded 1 lvl12 wall today 😦 So that’s 32mil to maxed walls

Well, I can only dump 4mil at once, so after building 1 wall I was left with 3mil gold and couldn’t spend it. Elixir is all saved up today for warden who is waking tomorrow. Will need to save up 9.8mil by tomorrow, should not be hard to do so.

There seem to be more dead bases today and farming is picking up again. Loot is looking good as I fill up my storages today.

Upgraded BK today with capped DE storage. Not a moment to lose though, I need to farm more for AQ who will be waking in another 3 days. She will cost 198k, that means that I will need to farm (198-24)/3 = 58k DE per day for the next 3 days. Should be able to make it, might need some gob spam or boosted barch but I will get there.

BK is going to lvl39 right now, 7 weeks to maxed heroes! Thank god they didn’t add new hero levels, I cannot imagine farming for 3 sets of maxed heroes.


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