Resources required to max walls = 172mil. Upgraded 18mil resources worth of walls in 2 days.

Seems like there is another update coming and its all for TH11, read about it here:

This should widen the gap between TH10 and TH11, something good for me. For the TH10s who complain, you can always upgrade to TH11 as well.

With reduced costs to everything, I guess I will need to skip those that are going to be reduced. These include AT and cannons, pekka, wizards and miners in lab. So more time can be spent now to upgrade mortars, ADs and bomb towers.

This also means that my lab time will be extended for another 10 weeks or 70 days. Not really looking forward to it especially my main account who was going to finish lab in less than 2 months. Now back to 4 months it seems. F2P might never be able to max lab

Upgraded my 3rd AD to max today, no real reason needed


By trading troops and spells across my accounts, I have gotten another achievement:


Another 100 gems to gem lab I guess?

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