Upgraded 2 lvl12 walls today (8mil resources). 24mil to maxed walls 🙂 Should be able to complete walls before Friday.

Upgraded warden to lvl19 today, he’ll be maxed in 2 weeks’ time. Looking forward to being able to use both warden and AQ in attacks, I know how effective they can be from my other account.

Nothing much else today, switching to goblins after laloon-ing up to 2700 cups. Loot is good today, lots of collector bases so lots of 4k DE hits. I try to give shields to bases so people don’t need to next past crap bases which provide no loot, at least I’m considerate. Lots of players who use gobs don’t give dead bases shields, and that can really give people false hope. I can next while doing something else and glance to determine whether a base is dead or not, so the dead bases which have been milked by others really piss me off because I thought I found a good base.

Check out my progress: here


Attack log:


I try my best to give a shield to every dead base I hit, >30% every attack

What’s this? Someone here for a visit?


Gearing up my cannon, not sure whether its going to be worth it though, but want to get it out of the way

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