Resources needed to max walls = 166mil. Upgraded 6mil since yesterday.

Didn’t do many walls because only a one day gap and I spend most of my gold for my bomb tower. It is one of the only things that did not gain a new level, so I do not need to be afraid of the cost reduction. Interesting to note that AT and cannons will have time or cost reduction, and their upgrade times both increase by 1 day per level. So I wonder how their new time will be, there might be no time increase in certain levels or half day increase.

Upgraded a bomb tower, no reason needed except to max defenses.

Check out my progress: here


Strong defenses are actually worse in Crystal/Masters:


It may seem like I’m losing less loot, but you cannot pretend that the 25% attack there did not exist. So due to my strong defenses, I actually lost 187+116 = ~300k gold (and almost 400k elixir!) in a single defense because both should be added up.

Same thing here:


The 3rd defense listed is lucky because I do not lose much, but the top 2 attacks are painful in that I lose 300k/400k loot in a single defense session due to strong defenses. I would have lost less loot if I had weaker defenses and the first attack gave me a shield.

I’m changing my base design into something else to try and mitigate this problem. My mini will build the eagle soon to use a new base design and I will be able to stop certain moderate strength attackers.

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