This is how my BH looks right now, just upgrading defenses and the BM whenever possible.


BM going to lvl3 right now


And this is what my lab looks like


Maxed baby drags are really fun and I can do my 3 wins almost effortlessly. My other account which focused on GiArch is feeling the pain right now because my troops are weaker. Due to needing to upgrade 2 troops, my troops are only half-baked while this account has already maxed baby drags and have no signs of slowing down till 3000.

This is why rushers gain the advantage, not just in the BB but also the main base. A maxer has to max and upgrade everything which slows down progress massively. While you can actually only bring a few troops so its always better to max 1-2 troops and defenses and perform much better than a “hardcore” maxer.


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