Upgraded 3 lvl12 walls today. Only 3 walls to maxed walls! That’s a mere 12mil left, might be able to complete them tomorrow 🙂

Actually I’m not particularly looking forward to maxing my walls because it means that I will lose motivation to farm DE afterwards. But I’m hoping this new update will give 25 more walls for me to chew on so that I can complete the walls and my heroes at the same time.

DE farming is going great. Only required 140k+ DE today but started the day at around 170k+. So now I just need to do a few raids to cap out my DE and prepare for AQ who is waking up tomorrow.

Started a mortar upgrade for 2 days so that I get a free builder afterwards. At least when walls are maxed, I do not need to plan for builders at all, except to ensure they do not fall on the same day


With regards to gearing up:


It will take the master builder 2 days to complete gearing up so plan well to not overflow on resources on the builder base. This would require BH5 level storages to be optimal because you can fill up the storages of BH4 within a day easily.

So try to keep gold low and enough to store 2 days’ worth of gold (including collectors, don’t forget) when the master builder is vacationing in the main base. Elixir does not need to be low because it can be spent in the lab and upgrade troops.

There is an interesting quirk of the builder base, look below:


An upgrade that takes an hour will cost 49 (or 50) gems to complete. While looking at the picture above, it takes 20 gems as per normal in the main village. So despite being a master builder upgrade, the master builder charges different amount of gems for the same amount of time in different places.


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