Maxed walls!! Done with walls now and this account does not need to worry about gold and elixir anymore 🙂 They will naturally be capped so I don’t need to worry about it anymore. I also do not need to worry about managing builders as long as they do not finish on the same day.

Upgraded AQ to lvl45 as well 🙂 She will be maxed in 7 days unless I decide to gem her early. I will still need to farm DE though despite not needing to farm for gold and elixir anymore. I will need to farm 180k for BK who is waking in another 4 days, so that is around 162k/4 = 40k DE per day

Today is quite a good day, just need to farm more DE and I’ll be set for this weekend. Its Hari Raya Aidilfitri this weekend and though I do not celebrate it, its a national holiday for my country. So Selamat hari raya for those celebrating and I will just enjoy the holiday for some extra farming 🙂

But it also signifies the end of my sem break, next Weds (28th June) my semester will start and play time will be reduced. At least most of my hard farming is done and I just need to play casually to progress now




Yup, the double cannon is done. Playing BB on this account really sucks right now, probably just going to do the bare minimum on this account in terms of the BB. Upgraded the wrong troops and playing BB is really painful right now compared to the other accounts

And they are introducing BH6 and nerfing the clock tower. What a gem grab, I’ll just slowly continue to play it out casually.

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