Resources needed to max walls = 145mil. Upgraded 21mil since 2 days ago

My break is going to end in another 4 days so I will keep all builders busy afterwards. If they add 25 or 50 new walls, my requirements will be increased by another 100 or 200mil which isn’t too bad. Really, walls past lvl10 are not really useful anyway unless you are maxed TH11 in full maxed TH11 wars.

I grind walls because they are fun, but players do not need to feel inferior when you have weaker walls because most walls are largely unused anyway. Most of my ground attacks (bowler+witch) only hit 1-2 walls in the entire raid, so that’s just an increase of 3-6k hp for a huge cost. Really, walls are overrated until you max everything else.

Upgraded another mortar today, its my 4th mortar going to lvl9 now. After they are done, I will still need to upgrade them another level to lvl10. After the update, mortars will not be my limiting factor anymore, but archer towers (or cannons) will be. So I will need to start them afterwards. Not going to do them now though because of the impending decrease in upgrade time


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