This is how my base looks like now, might change my base design afterwards


Walls done 😦


Double cannon


I’ve also started building my eagle


Going to change base design to accommodate eagle.

DE is doing well today, I spent half my day farming just to get my current amount and I will need to get to around 120k today to afford BK afterwards.

No loot dump with maxed walls 😦 I will probably gem GW whenever I have capped elixir and finish him up. Might gem AQ too when I’m bored


  1. Hi,i’ve followed your guide all the way and now am in TH11 with eagl lvl 2.waiting for the new base design.if possible do post it before you finish your eagle,it will help me alot.


    • Its actually a common base design, I failed against it using my laloon on a base with similar TH levels as mine. I can switch to that base design now and you will be able to see it tomorrow 🙂


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