No walls upgraded today 😦

DE farming going really good, just need 180k for BK and half day farming to go. BK will wake in 1.5 days so no problem keeping upgrading there. With no pressure to farm for AQ anymore, DE farming has to slow down or I will overflow too easily.

Started my last gold storage upgrade and my resources upgrades will be done in 7 days. I’m saving up 10mil so that I can gem warden and complete him instantly. But I don’t have much motivation to destroy collector raids except to get to the DE drills so I barely gotten any elixir today (<2.5mil) while my gold went up almost 4mil.


Attack log:


Actually these raids have good elixir, but I burned quite a lot of elixir on some of my other raids so my average is quite bad. The main thing I want to farm here is DE so that’s the only value I really see when I choose raids

I need those extra 25 walls now 🙂

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