Another look at this maxed base, will try to drop some cups before the update drops


This is how I’m preparing for the update


I never understood the logic behind leaving the lab and builders empty/idle in preparation of an update. You will eventually get everything, no point upgrading stuff immediately after the update. Heck, its even better to see what is the most worth troop to upgrade before jumping the gun and start upgrading. I will probably see how miners lvl5 go and start their upgrade 9 days later after my EQ is done.

The worse thing is that keeping the lab idle will slow down your eventual maxing of the lab needlessly. One only needs to know what upgrades are going to become cheaper and try to avoid upgrading those things. You should never leave your lab empty or builders idle just to prepare for an update because it wastes even more time.

Builder base:


Too lazy to make 2 posts so combining both together. This is how my builder base looks like now


Just a little more elixir for BM lvl5!

Frankly, I’m done with the forums by now. With trolls, scrubs and idiots (even the GASPs are idiots), I really don’t wish to raise my cortisol or blood pressure just to reply to these people. And with mods and a few players behind my back trying their best to ban me, I really have no interest to argue with people who will bring me down to their level.

I just posted my final post and do not plan to reply anything there:

I will still lurk the forums for info and choose bad/stupid posts to reply them here in my own blog where I know I’m safe.

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