Resources needed to max walls = 99mil. Upgraded 46mil since 4 days ago, farming done right! I’ve also completed all my lvl10 walls so no more 2mil loot dump. Only 33 lvl10 walls to be upgraded to lvl11 left. I’m ready for the update to add another 25-50 walls on all 3 of my accounts to increase the grind for another 100-200mil

I’m going to keep all my builders busy from now on because my semester will start tomorrow šŸ˜¦ Not going to be able to farm a lot now so not worth to keep a free builder anymore.

Upgraded my last air defense to max, it will be done in 12 days. The update will add new levels to AT, cannons and infernos so I’m ready for it


Attack log:


When laloon works, it does really well. Unfortunately, my failure rate has increased from 5% to 20% so it isn’t as reliable. My rushed TH11 only has laloon as a casual army so this has to use laloon as well to transfer hounds across to my mini. I might upgrade miners on my mini seeing how it has been buffed

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