Some moderate farming done in low leagues, returns are quite good. High leagues are really bad for loot and all my clanmates are dropping right now unless they were pushing.


Attack log:


About 500-600k gold per raid every 24min, you really cannot beat that sort of loot in high leagues. You can only get around 700-900k per good raid in titans every 54min, which is really poor compared to these gains.

Some more farming later:


Both infernos are down now, and I know I’m safe in low leagues


  1. Been following your builder hall updates and adhering to them. 5 was good, just started upgrading my 6, so I’m awaiting that.

    Wondering if you have any advice for strategically dropping trophies. Clearly, you’re a better attacker than I am, and my trophies are way higher than yours. Yet your posts show mostly wins. Gonna try your way with my late level TH10… get to 11 and the GW. Def following with my new TH9 acct. But again, I’m not as good of an attacker as you.


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