No walls upgraded for many days now 😦 No new walls added for TH11, what a disappointment.

Upgrading the cheaper infernos now, they only take 8 days now (used to take 12 days for lvl2) and I really like this huge reduction. I will work on maxing my infernos and xbows these coming weeks.

DE going well, BK will wake in 4 days and I only need another 65k DE to cap out. Weekends start tomorrow and I will be able to top off my DE easily.

Started miners in the lab a day ago and I like their reduced time as well. They will be done in 7 days from now, and they cost only 8 days instead of the 10 days they used to cost

It just dawned on me that my AQ is finally maxed now! Yay to me 🙂 Now there’s an easier way to drop trophies, just drop my AQ and gain the loot


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