Resources required to maxed walls = 78mil. Upgraded 21mil worth of walls since 3 days ago. With no new walls levels, this account is the only winner here. I only have 26 lvl11 walls to complete left.

Just going to do casual farming on this account, as with the other accounts. I won’t be very free for the next 8 weeks so I will just casually max out my stuff over the 8 week timeframe.

Upgraded a cheaper cannon today. Now lvl14 only costs 7.5mil and it is really easy to upgrade instead of the old 8.5mil cost, but the new lvl15 will cost 9mil for cannons so I guess it evens out in the end.



I’ve seen people complain that the gap between TH10 and TH11 is too large but I largely disagree with that. A TH11 already needs to take a 20% loot penalty when dipping, so it should not take more than a gibarch/giwiz + 3 spells + 2 mid level heroes to 3 star a completely maxed TH10. And it should take a completely maxed TH10 with considerable luck to even 2 star a mid TH11. Now the balance is still not there yet so I hope they buff up TH11 offenses and defense even more to make sure that gap is present.

Its silly to see TH8-10s getting to legends by just 1 starring TH11s or having a higher chance to find fellow TH8-10, that should not be the case. The builder base does this well, a TH8 in titans should only see what my TH11 sees, all fully maxed TH11s. People in the forum often boast their TH9/10s farming in Titans, yet hitting only other TH9/10s for huge loot bonus. The loot bonus in titans is meant as a reward for players who can take down maxed TH11s, not for low level players to get good loot from other low level players.

Its like a high school team playing in the NBA, yet only fight other high school teams but are able to get the winnings from NBA and get as much as other NBA teams. That’s why the system is ridiculous and why they should take a leaf from BB


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