Still no walls being upgraded 😦

DE coming in really slowly, I’ve been really busy in the wards recently, maybe I can get a breather next week. I will need to continue farming for DE whenever I’m free this week. I will need at least 188k for BK and I plan to have 200k so next week will be slightly easier. I hope I do have time though

Upgraded an archer tower today, was not able to farm enough yesterday to do a bigger upgrade but it will do. This is why rushing is so powerful, imagine if I was a maxer who had all TH10-11 defenses, everything will cost 6-10mil and I wouldn’t be able to afford anything. Being rushed means that I have many cheap upgrades that I can always do

This is why I cannot understand why people say rushing means you need to farm more. Things don’t suddenly become expensive in later levels, lower level stuff will always be cheap regardless of when you do it. So it allows me to farm much less when I’m busy


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