Upgraded another 4 lvl11 walls (12mil resources). Only 17 lvl11 walls to go, that will cost 51mil 🙂 Quite happy with this and I have no rush as well because I still got 10+ weeks before defenses can be maxed.

Upgraded minions in lab yesterday, just upgrading DE troops whenever I can afford it. Will work on elixir troops after maxing my walls, maybe miners will be my first choice seeing my main using lvl4 with some promising results.

Upgraded an archer tower to lvl14 a few days ago and upgraded a cannon to max today. Just doing defenses for the sake of not having idle builders by now, there really isn’t any reason to upgrade defenses at all. I just need to upgrade infernos whenever I have the 10mil available. I actually had 10mil this morning but forgotten to upgrade infernos and upgraded a cannon instead


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