Just realised I haven’t had a BH entry in a while.

I’m using this base on my main while my alts are using different bases. This base seems to be holding up well, planning to upgrade crushers, air mines and firecrackers to lvl5 first then maybe work on roaster then multi mortar to max (lvl6). I might need to slot in some storage and gold collector upgrades between defensive upgrades

For troops, I have lvl11 baby dragons on this account going to lvl12 and lvl8 beta minions. I will probably max out beta minions or BM to lvl10 after completing baby dragons, not sure which to upgrade. More evidence points to BM10 though.

Undoubtedly baby dragons are the way to go, my other account who is trying out other troops can barely break 2800 while this account can break 3500 so easily. Lvl10 barbs, lvl11 arch and lvl8 giants just don’t cut it compared to having baby dragons. I might need to upgrade BM to lvl5 on my mini while having lvl12 arch to break that 3000-trophy wall.



  1. Do you have any tips against the diamond base ? I’m really having a lot of difficulties going against bh6 diamond bases as a bh5 ( bm5 – babydrags 10 )


    • Nope, try looking out for videos done by powerbang and the such, they have some good tutorials

      Even my BH6 army usually struggles against BH5 diamond bases. Sometimes its a 100% cleansweep, sometimes its only 36%


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