I’ll let the picture speak for itself


Seems like the forums is hell bent on having me gone, so I guess I’ll just step out

For something like this to happen, 2 things must occur

  1. Someone who really hates me is scouring my posts (its a 2-day old post) to find something substantial to ban me. And they must have reported it despite being something probably non-toxic
    1. And you can get a warning or even infraction for an inappropriate report
  2. Some mod must have felt that the word “cancerous” is as bad as some vulgarities that can be uttered and given me the same treatment as those vulgarities.


The only time I felt any infraction was fair for me was when I called something “bs” which is an abbreviation and somehow the mods weren’t ok with that. Besides that, I’ve been given infractions for “vomiting”, “ignorant” and “whining”. I’m not sure what crossed the minds of mods when they felt such words were ban-able.

Its disappointing really.


  1. What a piece of shit mod and community, I’ll stay at the subreddit but there are still a lot of stubborn idiots there too, if you make a single post about how rushing in the main village is beneficial you’ll get downvoted like hell.


  2. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising given the lack of communication from SC in other aspects. I am unable to find a thread that would properly warn me of all their trigger word. I would have felt completely safe using “cancerous”. However on the specific word at issue this time, see https://forum.supercell.com/showthread.php/1364271-Cancer-is-Not-a-joke (quoted at end) I only found the thread after I decided to try and find a thread listing words that censor.

    As they make clear in the thread, even though there are other definitions the word itself is considered too loaded, That’s their right as forum operators It makes me wonder if words like denigrate are also censored. Look at the etymology https://www.google.com/search?{google:acceptedSuggestion}oq=denigrate ” I’m sure they’d give an infraction for “nigger” and they have similar roots/historical meanings..

    If I were cynical I’d suggest that a thread listing all the infraction words would get an infraction even though the words were clearly used inside quotes as examples, not as the word itself (see my usage of certain words in this post). Also, disappointingly, the post submission template on the forums doesn’t cross check for infraction words. If it did, it could refuse to post the post until it was properly edited. Why waste moderator time chasing down infractions of forbidden words when there’s a simple technological solution, don’t let those words get posted in the first place

    From the SC thread (Alexheney below):
    We know there is a dictionary definition that does not involve the actual disease.
    It is still not permitted on these forums. This is not open for discussion, just don’t use it.
    Use that dictionary to find more appropriate words.


    • It is certainly unfortunate that there are more and more censor words, and there is no simple filter for these words. I’ve used even worse words and never got into trouble

      The problem is the line in the sand, moderators just simply move the line all the time causing me to get into trouble when it was previously ok. And probably there are people hunting me, just to look for me using such words, just to report me.


      • I fully agree Sin. The issue isn’t so much that normally used words can get an infraction (ex cancerous), although that’s an issue. It’s that there’s no way to know in advance that you’re about to step on a land mine. Looking over your historical infractions, you should have about 1.5 (abbreviated swearing has a full post in the rules section).


      • Yes, the only fair infraction that I received was for saying that a feature (not even a person) was bs. Its not being toxic to others, its just using ban-able words to describe something in the game (like how I said CWL was cancerous)

        Its sad how SC forum mods handles this, esp because you can always use synonyms to bypass many ban-able words.


  3. Like I told you when I first started reading, your results speak for themselves. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people of a better way. You can’t fix stupid.

    You are still my CoC hero.


  4. There is also another advantage to rushing that you didn’t mention.

    Rushing also unlocks new troops which allows you to take advantage of more events, such as the current miner event.


    • Yup, true. And lower levels need a higher level to donate troops if they even want to think about participating. My accounts are probably going to use miners for the next few days with their reduced cost. Going to show some attack log afterwards


    • Almost all events allow lower TH levels to participate if they fill their CC with the troop. In some ways this is easier as they can do their regular farming attack (without cc) and release the cc with whatever the event du jour is afterwards. Higher levels often have to use so many of the troop that they need to use an attack in the style of the troop.


  5. I just found out you were banned from the forums. That’s really sad because you were a great member. I’m not allowed to say it there, so I’ll say it here: there are some mods there that definetly don’t deserve to be mods. They become mods and start to think they’re god and that they never make a mistake.


    • Agreed. Some mods have much less critical thinking than fresh spawns in the forums, the sadder thing is that they used to be “game specialists”.

      “Game specialist” is not given to someone who is knowledgeable at the game or have critical thinking. Its for those who are helpful (in spreading misinformation) and friendly


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