Upgraded an inferno to lvl3 today, want to max out all my infernos, xbows and teslas asap so that I gain a ton of strength quickly.


Read: https://forum.supercell.com/showthread.php/1560801-Why-some-people-stops-at-th9

The main problem why people do not wish to progress is because the increase in strength is not there. If there was a huge jump in strength, such that 30/30 TH9 can barely 2 star a mid TH10 while a mid TH10 can easily barch for >70% of a completely maxed TH9, we will see a much larger influx of players into high TH levels. The sad thing is, SC give upgrades linearly, such that there is almost no increase in strength when you upgrade things. As you see in the BB, adding new stuff is always better than upgrading because upgrades give only a 10% boost while building new stuff adds >60% boost for a lower cost.

I strongly feel that every TH10 upgrade needs to be buffed and become meaningful so that you gain a ton of strength immediately as a new TH10. Lvl31 BK/AQ should be 30% stronger than lvl30 and TH10 troops should be at least 30% stronger than TH9 troops.

And I think people say that TH9 is balanced is because they can mostly get 3 stars and their enemies cannot get it. It makes them feel superior compared to others. Whereas in TH10, everyone can get a 2 star without effort so it diminishes any sort of “superiority”

In the olden days, TH9 was “the best” because only the top 10-20% were able to 3 star at >50% rate, that was what balanced used to mean. Now everybody can 3 star and they think they are entitled to a 3 star. Yet when you see the TH10 scene, its quite the same as what TH9 was, and inaccessible to the general public. Its sad to see this sort of mentality and entitlement.

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