Gotta do what I need to do


Finishing BK early by almost 2 days, I’m forced to use him


This is how my base looks like, upgraded an xbow to lvl3 today. Hope to keep at least 1 tesla upgrading for some amount of time. 1 inferno, 1 xbow, 1 tesla down all the time, that’s my goal.

And this is why I need to gem BK:


Facing a blacklisted clan again. These clans are filthy noobs who steal our sync times and want to get their easy wins against us. We will usually switch to war bases against these types of players so that they don’t get easy loot and we can attempt for a war win.

So far 50%, 60+% 2 stars on SinMini and 90% 2* + 100% 3* on this account. At least gemming BK was partially worth it.


Too bad it seems like we are losing, but not a problem though. If we get 60% total destruction, we will be eligible for a free win afterwards. That means that we can turn a normal loss into a win (FWA clans win 50% of the time only), and adding another loss to the war log means that we might be able to score more wins based on that too.

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