Upgraded BK to lvl43 today 🙂 He will max in another 21 days, the tentative date is now 7th of Aug. After that I don’t need to farm DE anymore and I can easily spend DE in the lab.

Also upgraded miners lvl4 in the lab. I hope that they can make an impact, might work on healers or witches next.


Attack log:


Nothing amazing, just some ordinary farming.

Read: https://forum.supercell.com/showthread.php/1563376-The-Folly-of-Builder-Village-Maxing

This occurs in the main base as well. People complain that TH8 elixir is useless, that TH9 grind is too hard, or that wars are unfair. These are all problems that are self-inflicted because they try too hard to max out. People can play how ever they want or like, but then they complain that their strategy is too weak. Maxing is outdated and dead, you deserve to be disadvantaged using such strategy

Its funny that people can use the exact same arguments I’ve used for years, yet cannot comprehend it enough to apply it towards the main base.


  1. The thing is, people are afraid of change. They are only willing to try new ways to do things when they haven’t done those things before (e.g. the BB).


    • Yup, it seems so. That is my thinking as well, people fear change like its the plague. People don’t like going out of their comfort zone and feel its fine to trash talk others who play better than them

      Its like how people can say its ok to give up 2-5k DE per day by staying in TH8/9 but not ok to lose (maybe) 500-1000 extra per defense. Loss aversion and fear of change


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