Both infernos done, all defenses upgrading smoothly. I just upgraded a cannon today and I still have 5 more defenses to go. From counting, that means that I will need another 18 days to max all my defenses. After 9 days, I will start my final upgrade and won’t need to farm after that anymore.

I’ve done upgrading both infernos, 3 AT and 2 cannons. I am upgrading 3 AT and 2 cannons right now; and I still have 2 AT and 3 cannons left to upgrade.

I will still need to keep my lab busy, still got 3 months to go 😦 At least miners lvl5 will be done tomorrow, will upgrade healers lvl5 next. With the perpetual upgrades, I feel like I’m making zero progress in terms of lab. This is why people are fools when they max out TH1-9 and leave lab idle, this will further prolong their journey and leave them much weaker in the long term.

You do not necessarily need to max lab, but maxing out 10 troops at TH9 is worse than maxing out 2 troops in TH10 in terms of raw strength. Even funnier that some maxers claim that they upgrade troops so that they can use it when some of these weak troops get buffed. While in fact, they are sacrificing progress in troops that will definitely be strong (like sacrificing bowlers lvl2/3 for dragons lvl4 in TH9, makes zero sense to do so)


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