Just another progress update, nothing much. Started my 5th last upgrade, just 4 more to go! I’ll be done with the upgrades in 7 days and just need to wait another 9 days for everything to complete.


Builder base:


Nothing much to show here, just want to show the attack log


3 straight 100% wins, I’m proud 🙂 Easily got my loot for the day


  1. How do you attack with baby dragons? I got mine to level 10 but I struggle to get the two star and sometimes even the one star.


    • BH level? You’ll need lvl12 to be consistent against BH6s. I tend to spread 5-7 babies along the entire perimeter of the base, then sprinkle in babies as the first few die, trying to focus on taking down double cannons and crushers. I will withhold 1-2 babies and use the previous ones to carve a path for BM to follow and take down air bombs + firecrackers. This allows for the leftover babies to take out the TH if BM cannot take it out by himself.

      Might be a good time to upload a video of me using babies


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