Life is really easy after maxing walls. A ton of elixir and nowhere to spend it, even armies are cheap because I’m forced to barch today.

Started the upgrade of my cannon to max level


The good thing about barch and gibarch is that it costs very little elixir. The event further cuts the elixir cost by half which is useless for all my accounts, because all my accounts have overflowing elixir with low gold. That’s why they should introduce events with shorter troop training times, the lowered cost does nothing to promote me to use most event troops because they still take too long to train. And for a multi-troop event like this, the costs is only reduced by half which is essentially not even worth mentioning.

Anyhow, this is the army that I plan to do this event with:


CC: giants + rage, spells: 2 rage, 1 heal, 1 jump, 1 freeze

QW+ gibarchvalk?

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