TH11 day 99

Wow, 14 months already. It has been really fast this year (really), and my base has grown greatly. Maxed TH11 walls, nearly maxed heroes, just working on defenses and my troops.

Gemmed BK today so that I can start farming DE on a Sunday, and I can complete more raids using QW+gibarch. Will need to farm up to 40-50k DE today to make the gems worth it.


BK going to lvl44 as we speak, just 14 days to go! I just need to upgrade him one last time, so after next Sunday I do not need DE anymore 🙂 Can start working on DE troops after miners are maxed.

Next week I’ll be more busy, hope I have enough time to farm DE up to max


This is the army I’m using for this event for this account. I do not have strong miners and do not wish to use DE for bowlers or valks so I’m doing it like this:


Generally CC bowlers if I can transfer from my other account. Attack log:


Really good, makes farming DE stupidly easy

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