Back to using goblins after the gibarch event is over. I wish events would cut training time as well, I’m deterred from using most army comps because they take ages to train. I’d rather take a 50% cost reduction + 50% training time reduction than a 99% cost reduction.

Just upgraded an xbow to lvl3, I will probably take a break from xbows because lvl4 and 5 don’t increase much for their cost. Will probably work on other point defenses instead.

Seems like I’m farming much more DE than my BK will need in the next few days, will take a break from farming after I have enough for him 🙂


I just realised this:


I haven’t claimed the 2k gems from getting to champs, so that will be my next goal after I max my BK. Hey, even TH8s can push to titans, my rushed TH11 should reach champs without any problems


This is another joke conceived in the forums. Really?

TH10 should not be getting 2 stars from a maxed TH11. It should take luck and fully maxed offenses just to scrape a 2 star from a mid TH11, while a TH9 should barely get 30% from a maxed TH11 instead of the current bullshit.

That is why I propose that they change the star system so that it takes 70% for someone to get 1 star instead of 50%. This will make lower levels hitting higher levels much harder, which is the entire point of getting stronger and progressing. Why should I spend ages upgrading stuff in TH10 when a TH9 can easily get 2 stars from me and my equal can also only get 2 stars, same thing with TH10 vs TH11

People say that at TH7v8 or 8v9, a lower level can easily get 2 stars. That’s not a problem because an equal level can 3 star. While in TH10 and TH11, an equal can only be expected to get 2 stars, so why should a lower level match that result? It is ludicrous

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