Started the upgrade of my last cannon to lvl15. So in another 9 days, I’ll be maxed defenses again 🙂 But my lab will still take almost 3 months to complete


Claimed some gems:


Finally cleared this achievement and got 1000 gems for me to spend, so I guess I’ll do this:


Gemmed healer to max so that I can start working on maxed wb

They should really balance the troop levels properly. Its useless to add stats if they do nothing at all. They should have left lvl6 wb at TH10 instead of pandering to TH9s, and allow lvl6 to crack open lava walls easily, while only 2 lvl7 wb are required to break lvl11 walls. This allows a higher TH a much easier time to deal with a low level TH.

HP relation of healers and SAM should be rebalanced too. A lvl2 SAM can KO a lvl3 healer, but not a lvl4 healer; while a lvl3 SAM can KO a lvl4 healer, but not a lvl5 healer. Its not all about adding high stats (or no stats apparently as most TH10/11 upgrades go), its about adding stats that matter.


  1. ???

    Level 6 wb is only available at th10, th9 only has level 5 wbs.

    You probably progressed too fast die to rushing and forgot which levels are unlocked at lower levels lol.


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