Upgraded a WT, its going to lvl7 right now. I’m just casually topping up my gold every now and then so that I have enough gold to upgrade defenses




The method to fix this is just so easy, as I always said change the star system so that it takes 70% to gain a star instead of a measly 50%. This should apply above 3100 cups or in every war attack. Then make 2 stars the standard, so that only good players can consistently get 2 stars. This means that TH11 defenses need some buffing again. 3 stars should be almost impossible unless the extremely skillful player.

Then the point of upgrading TH is that you can 3 star the lower TH level (TH11 vs TH10 for now, but also TH13 vs TH12, TH12 vs TH11 should follow this format). So a TH10 vs TH10 is hard, for now, to get the 3 stars but upgrading to TH11 will allow that to happen. Likewise, TH11 vs TH11 should be nearly impossible to 3 star, but a TH12 vs TH11 in the future should be able to easily do it

If anyone is able to access the forums, please help me post and spread this idea around.


  1. Hi SinOfDusk, Firstly I would like to thank you for all the guides you’ve made so far. I’m a rusher who struggled to progress in the game because of very poor rushing on my part (I rushed from TH7 directly to TH9 just for the AQ and struggled with TH7 troops doing storage raids). It were your guides which helped me through the rough patches and now after months of strictly following your guides and strategies I’m a TH10 with 30/40 heroes and most of the troops also maxed except goblins, pekka, miners (level 2), hogs, minions, eq spell, skeleton spell and clone spell.

    I’m rushing to TH11 right now (7 days left for upgrade to finish) and I’m in half mind to cancel the upgrade because of the fear that dead bases on TH11 will be a lot poor as compared to TH10 and I won’t be able to make much profits because of limited time that I can put in. Is TH11 farming using BARCH on dead bases very poor as compared to TH10? Will I have to next a lot more at TH11 (right now it takes about 3-4 mins to find a dead base)? I’m currently farming at 2250-2350 trophies.


    • I’m glad you’re happy with the guides and I congratulate you with your progress 🙂

      As for TH11, barch still works well. People are reporting that dead bases are becoming a little rarer, but that has not been true for me. Just barch at the right times of the day, and use laloon when you think loot isn’t very good.


      • Thanks SinOfDusk, I have just one more question regarding Eagle Artillery. According to your guide here, you dropped the Eagle Artillery after about 70 days of TH11, just when your Grand Warden was near maxed levels (as far as I remember). Is it there any specific reason for that? All my defences are at TH9 with Inferno Towers at level 2 and Teslas maxed for TH10, when do you suggest me to drop the Eagle Artillery?


      • Just drop it immediately. For me, I delayed it because I saw no reason to build and upgrade the EA. I was defending fine with my old TH10 crows base without Eagle.

        The main problem was, I was unable to accommodate the eagle within my base without fundamentally changing it, so I withheld it.


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