I totally forgotten to start my upgrade at 7.40am just now. It was 1pm before I remembered it and now my upgrades are out of sync 😦 I might need to gem the IT when it is nearly done to bring the timer back into sync. My upgrades generally start in the morning so I have a full day to farm back the resources for tomorrow’s upgrade. The downside is that I cannot do much early morning farming before I have to put my builder down back to sleep.

Having to go to wards at 6.45am sucks 😦 Luckily I usually wake at 4-5am and able to farm and do my morning routine before going out.

Check out my progress: here




I personally have not found loot in TH11 to be a problem these few days, decent amount of dead bases as usual. I find laloon very profitable these few days, found a few 500-700k bases that I was able to easily laloon for massive loot.

Its great to see people encouraging collector raids, because there is almost no circumstance that you can earn more by storage raiding, even Titans/legends farming sucks since you only can attack once every 49/54min. Usually, you only need to logical mind to see that storage raiding is rarely more profitable than collector raiding. But when my maxed TH11 with 45/45/20 in T1 is farming slower than my rushed TH11 with 0/0/0 in C1-2, there really is no excuse to do any storage raiding

The rare circumstance when storage raiding can beat collectors? Its now with collector boost but no barracks boost. Once barracks 1 gem boost starts, then loot will plummet again

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