Another update on this base, I’m only 33 days or so to maxed TH11 defenses. Its really amazing how fast defenses can be done especially since I’m busy and don’t realise the passage of time. Its also nearing year end so exam season. Medical school exams are tough and I’m glad that I was able to finish all the tough grinding on my TH11s much earlier.

Started the upgrade on an AT to lvl15, it is my 2nd AT that is going to max right now.

Check out my progress: here


Yay, boost!


I miss the time when boosts lasted a week, then many bases would be inactive/dead bases with massive loot. These bases tend to have high storage loot with collector loot and that is the only time when storage raiding can beat collector raiding in terms of loot

Not complaining though, my non-maxed TH11s are boosting their gold mines and my rushed TH11 is boosting its DE drills for now.

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