Another tiny update on my base, upgrading another AD to lvl7. Defenses are looking fine now, some of them are going to TH9 levels. This is why defenses can be neglected, because they do nothing in terms of loot retention and they take minimal time to get stronger.

With diminishing returns, I cannot understand why people focus on defenses so much. Even worse that most players in the BB can understand that more defenses > higher defense levels, but they cannot twist their minds around this simple fact when they are in the main base


Ugh, this cake location, I will need to reset:


Attack log using battle rams:


And finally, finally!


Maxed my BK!! This means that my heroes are maxed 🙂 In just 14.5 months, I have maxed heroes from a TH1 base. I’m sure people have done it much faster, but this is a first for me. In 14.5 months, how far has a maxer progressed? Maybe just mid TH9 and nowhere near my hero levels

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