Finally, I’m back to being maxed again! 5 free builders and nothing left to build, now I’m stuck with full gold and no way to spend it, again.

Well, at least I still got lab to do… 66 days of it. Quite sad that no matter how hard I try, my lab is always 2 months away from maxing. I guess this is how SC wants it, it is impossible to finish lab without gems it seems.


Except one: (lab working on maxed heal spell too)


Eh, 7 days are quite a lot of give up in the BB, I’ll most probably do it much later when I’ve done most important stuff in the BB. The key thing is to do it before BH7 drops, if not I would not be able to catch up with others if my builder is working on this side of the sea.

The gods of the cake have blessed me:


Cake smacked right at the corner

This is the army I’m using for this account:


Easy way to get gems it seems. 7 miners in cc when I have BK down, otherwise 5 bowlers + 1 giant when BK is up. Use rams + miners/bowlers to make a funnel on one side, QW on the other side and mass miners up the core.

Attack log:


Reasonable ease of getting successful hits, bullying a ton of TH10s here. TH10s here still feels fair, but TH9s…


Really it makes no sense to me, that such a low level can survive in high level environments. The thing that ticks me? A TH9 can survive in champs like this and hit other TH9s for massive loot bonus, yet TH11s have to hit strong TH11s, spending much more resources, to get the same amount of loot bonus. Furthermore, they are protected from TH11s like me when I hit them. They can stay in Masters, potentially losing 350k loot; but come up to champs? You lose only 175k loot per raid which is absurd.

All niceties should be removed above champs, it isn’t high league just for fun. Loot penalty should be removed when you get the red badge, and all TH-based MM should be removed as well. If my TH11 finds a TH9 at a 1% rate, then a TH9 should find another TH9 at a 1% rate as well. No nonsense like a TH9/10 only hitting same TH level at high leagues and profiting massively like that. This is really unfair to players who grinded for a much longer time

It is also why people stay in low THs for an absurd amount of time. A base building game like this should always incentivise players to upgrade and not stagnate at lower TH levels


  1. Be careful, you are arguing in favour of maxing, talking about the advantage they get when staying at a lower TH.

    “A base building game like this should always incentivise players to upgrade and not stagnate at lower TH levels”

    You’re making the same flawed argument as a maxer. “The game mechanics should be changed because it isn’t the way I like to play”.

    You’ve always taught others (including me) not to ask for the game mechanics to change to fit your play style (e.g. people complaining about engineering and asking supercell to fix it), and instead changing your play style to use the most effective strategy to dominate other players.


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