Whelp, forgotten to upgrade in the morning. So both of my upgrades are now at 1pm, sigh. I hate having upgrades at different times of the day, because I tend to forget and I’m usually more busy in these times of the day instead of early morning.

Oh well, I’ll have to deal with it when it becomes an issue afterwards. For now, I will let it be or gem the upgrades so that they become early morning again.

Upgraded an inferno to lvl4 and an archer tower to lvl9. Defenses getting sturdier as the days go by 🙂



  1. https://forum.supercell.com/showthread.php/367450-Rushing-THs-TH1-6-in-2-wks-TH7-in-1-month-TH8-in-18-days-TH9-Journey-starts-now

    Found this hidden gem in the forums (yes I know it’s from 2014)

    It’s about a rusher that doesn’t really play a lot, less than 10 attacks a day and only attacking the first or second base he sees.

    It’s funny how other people who have never reached higher TH say loot will be terrible and you can’t defend when the original poster who is at TH10 clearly shows otherwise with his own experience.


    • Yeah, people are really dumb in this regard. They parrot what others say without anything going through their brain. Maxing is more detrimental than people give it credit for. It doesn’t just make things slower and longer than necessary, but it also makes relevant stuff like heroes become much harder to finish


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