After 2 days of moderate farming, I upgraded 2 buildings in 2 days. This leaves me with just 3 defensive upgrades to go which are 2 AT and 1 cannon. After that its just upgrading traps.

The main problem of being here in Titans is that I need heroes to farm, and heroes dead = no farming. So it basically limits me to 1 raid per hour instead of being in low leagues and doing 2 raids per hour without heroes. Even when I log off for extended amounts of time, I can only do one raid when I get back online compared to doing two raids per login. That’s like half the amount of raids done.

Even worse, the raids here do not even come close to double the loot of low leagues. I can barely gain more than 700k gold per raid compared to 500-600k per raid in Masters. Farming here is really pathetic.

People always talk about the 2-3 hour guard like its something awesome, but in lower leagues I can maintain a 6-12 hr guard without doing anything, and lose even less loot than now.


Defense log:


Seriously, with this sort of defense log, why should I bother upgrading defenses in the first place?

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