Upgraded an xbow to lvl3 today, this will probably be my last xbow that I upgrade for a while. I will work on other point defenses until they are TH10/11 level before coming back to do them. The main reason is that xbows simply do not give good return after lvl3, and really it does not need to be this way. I do hope that lvl4-5 xbows are buffed to the extent of infernos to be better than all other point defenses, so around 110 dps for lvl4 and 140 dps for lvl5 just so that lower levels cannot easily gain stars from TH11s.


Defense log:


I’ll just leave this here so that fools have nothing to say when they tell me to come to champs. In champs, I still do not see myself getting wrecked so why bother building defenses? And these defenses are done with an inferno, xbow, AD, tesla down. Despite having lots of key defenses upgrading, I can still retain a ton of loot and not being afraid of losing too much loot.

So why bother with defenses? My base in all aspects is much better than any maxer below TH11

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