Just look at these two defense logs from my maxed TH11s, particularly the first (top) attacks


Really?! A TH10 can so easily gain stars from me, a maxed TH11? A low level so easily able to gain stars from a high level is not a strategy, it just means that game balancing is way off.

Something really needs to be done about this, the fact that higher levels don’t get much strength increase between TH levels is the problem here. Even with 2 levels of point defenses, there isn’t much growth to AT and cannons in TH11. There really was no reason to add the new AT and cannon levels other than letting us maxed TH11 chew more content. A simple buff would accomplish the same thing, if there are 2 levels then I expect more than a simple +20 dps, it should have been a +40 dps. Likewise, teslas and Xbows really need a buff so that they aren’t just as strong as TH10 stuff. Xbows should reach 140 dps and teslas around 125, that should keep TH10s off my lawn

The main problem is that the Eagle is relatively weak compared to infernos. The eagle really needs a buff so that any non-TH11 level troop is immediately decimated. The change is simple, change its firing rate to 15sec and dmg to 1350 at lvl2 (dps remains the same) and give lvl3 which deals around 1620 dmg which can one shot any AQ level below lvl42 and one shots all healer and valk levels. Then new valk levels (lvl6) are given which can survive a volley of eagle. Problem solved.

People will complain that 3 stars are too hard, but my suggestion of 70% for a star will instantly fix that. No longer will 3 stars be required to win wars, because you need to be good to even get 1 star.

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