Hanging in Champs 2 again, will need to drop some trophies soon.

Upgraded another tesla today, its my 3rd tesla going to lvl8. I have my base arranged so the upgrading inferno is on one side of the base, and every other upgrading defense is on the other side of the base. Yet people still hit me from the upgrading inferno side, which goes to show how important it is. Often, people with maxed TH11 point defenses but no infernos/Eagle are much weaker than players who have both and much weaker defenses. The only exception is QW, which is why Eagle needs a huge buff.

My Eagle buff suggestion still stands, an Eagle should one shot anything that is deemed not worthy. It should act like a gateway to higher levels, weaker troops shall never be able to pass. Like if TH12 is released, any TH11 troop will be decimated by the new Eagle or new TH12 defense


Attack log:


Nothing impressive, definitely not worth to stay up high if loot is as bad as this. Even with 200k loot bonus, this sort of loot is meh; and even if I get +400k loot bonus, this loot is just barely better than being in Masters. Really no point in going to high leagues to farm at all

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