Upgraded another AD to lvl7, these core defenses are looking good right now. I will probably only upgrade AD to lvl8 then focus on point defenses before maxing them. Mortars and BT will probably lag the most but they are mostly useless anyways.




Interesting read, but the war players’ goals are vastly different from a pusher. A TH9 can easily gain 1 star from a maxed TH11 but 3 stars are way too hard. The easiest way to change the % to 70% as I always said. But some people, not sure whether they read my blog posts or not, do suggest the same thing. The problem? The war players do not respond to these posts.

The problem is not that 3 stars is un-achievable. The problem is that there is no distinction between a good player and a mediocre player because anyone can 2 star. If the balance is shifted so that 2 stars require skill, then there would be a grading on how good your attacks are, and there would not need to be 3 stars. Imo, 3 stars should only exist in dips for TH10+ so there is a reason to progress. As a TH10, it will be nearly impossible to get 3 stars (the 6% rate quoted seems good) so a good way to ensure 3 stars is to upgrade your TH.

Likewise with TH11, 5% is probably too high, 1% seems adequate. But 2 stars will be much harder so good clans can consistently get 2 stars across the board and win against those spray and pray clans. Then when 2 good clans face off, the better clan with higher % will win, simple as that

The problem with relying on 3 stars is that only 1 player in the whole roster needs to be exceptionally good. We won wars before when all of us suck except one player. That one player would get 3 stars on a regular basis (1 in 4 attacks) so we won all wars where he got the 3 stars despite on average, we are the weaker clan (usually 59% destruction vs 68% for example).

Hope someone reads this and posts it to the thread.

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