Working on my first inferno to max! I will be able to max out 2 infernos in another 28 days, hope I get there soon. Everything else looking good as my base starts to look a little higher level now.

I also started WB to max, not sure if they are going to help in any way. My main is using them and they feel different, I guess that is justification enough to upgrade as most TH10/11 troops don’t feel different at all. I like what they’re doing with healers and wb, but I hope more troops are like that. A higher level troop should feel vastly different and improved and not feel the same. Wizards for example don’t feel any difference at all from lvl5 to lvl7 except for certain situations. Giving 2 levels to a troop should make it hit at least 50% harder and survive 50% longer


Defense log, why bother maxing defenses? When I can defend very well with my rushed base, its even funnier that I can idle here for more than 8 hours without a shield and only 1 person dropping cups on me.


Its sad to see idiots on reddit trying to say maxing is superior over rushing. The truth is there is no advantage to maxing, even worse is that it is a major detriment to any player with any goal. Despite maxing being so weak, I wish SC would roll in even more nerfs to maxing in general so that people understand that rushing is superior.

Its even worse on reddit because most people don’t even bother to click on my links, but still ask me to provide evidence that rushing is superior. When ignorant fools don’t even want to see your evidence, it is clear that they will never get any enlightenment.

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