Another update on this base, doesn’t seem to be able to hold well. I might need to switch to my main’s base because that seems to be able to hold people off to 0 or 1 stars most of the time.

Started the upgrade of traps now, that is my final SAM going to max level now. That leaves 5 giant bombs and 5 spring traps to max out. Each taking 3 days so ideally will max out in 6-9 days

I also started WB to max in lab, now enjoying maxed out healers in my raids. These healers are fun and make crushing TH10 so much easier. A TH11 seriously needs some buffing so that we can crush TH10s easier, it shouldn’t take a war army and a compliment of spells for us to do so. The old mass miners were perfect for this, it allowed a TH10 to crush a TH9 without a brain, likewise with TH11 vs TH10, we could easily crush any TH10 back then and it was so balanced


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