Another day another upgrade, I’ll have another upgrade tomorrow as well. I’m doing cheap and expensive upgrades alternately so that I can afford any upgrade on my schedule. The only thing I’m left farming for now is gold so I don’t even care any resource offered in the base because even 100k becomes 300k in champs.


Talking about champs, people usually say that I could survive because I was in low leagues. Now I’m in champs, this is my log:


Apparently I would be murdered up here, but what’s the problem here? I don’t think I’m handicapped at all being in champs, despite my weak defenses. I’d argue that because I have eagle, 4 xbows and infernos, I defend much better than any TH9 in existence. And TH9s can easily reach legends, so why can’t I survive easily in Champs/Titans?

Attack log:


These are bases that yield 400+ in champs, they can’t be weak bases as well and I can still 3 star them. So why should I stay at a low level and be disadvantaged when I can get to TH11 and smash other much stronger bases than being a puny TH9?

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