Eh, pretty boring here as I’m always full on gold and only upgrading cheap stuff. I don’t really mind because I need to study hard for my finals in med school. Around 10 weeks to my exam and I have to divert more time into my studies. So if any new update drops for TH11, I won’t really farm hard on my other accounts.

Upgraded a cannon to lvl9 today, just want to do my point defenses. I’m not doing WT today because it will clash with another builder and finish on the same day as my tesla. So I will upgrade something cheap for now and do WT afterwards. Not having builders end on the same day is more important than upgrading the best thing.



There are a lot of intellectual answers here in this thread and I’m not even being sarcastic. People seem to have wizened up now, which is a good thing since I’ve left.

The advice here is mostly solid. Remember the law of diminishing returns, upgrading the same thing over and over again will surely decrease its gain in strength per level. Instead, if you upgrade something new it will benefit you more and much quicker. That is why I always say you should rush, because adding new defenses trumps upgrading old defenses. In the builder base, people realised this and it has become meta. Unfortunately, it is still not meta yet in the main base despite all the good advice I have given.

20/20/10 > 40/40/0 because warden improves your troops. Remember that even both lvl45 BK and AQ combined only contribute to less than 30% of your entire army’s strength. Just do the math, 20 bowlers added together is far stronger than just two heroes. So buffing the 20 bowlers makes much more sense than buffing your weak heroes. Evidence? Just look at how many people complain about engineered bases with weak heroes but easily crushing maxed TH10, while other maxed TH10s struggle to 3 star.

AQ is also far stronger compared to BK because most of BK’s dps is wasted. He hits slow so troops deal damage first and he tends to rush ahead and hit walls. Some people like to claim how good BK is at clearing the core. My answer is, if the core is so open that a BK can clear it, its not because BK is awesome, its because the base is bad. And if you do not place your GB and bomb towers nicely to kill off the spawned barbs, the base isn’t good as well.

That’s why so many answers here are on point, that AQ > BK. That’s why all my accounts have 25/45/20 and grind out the last levels of BK after AQ is maxed. AQ is so important in raids, not just because QW but also she’s so much stronger. I’d say that 20/40 > 30/30, that’s why I advice TH9s to forget maxing heroes and upgrade to TH10 early, so that you can max out your AQ much earlier and enjoy her massively increased strength



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