Well, another update on this base. I have nothing much to upgrade because I wanted a 10 day upgrade so I chose to upgrade an xbow today which was 12 days. Needed a 10 day upgrade to arrange my builders mostly.

Also, maxed WB was completed in lab today and I started witch lvl2 today. At least I will have bowitch maxed out after this. They really need to add lvl8 barch into the game and make sure their stat growth is worth it.

Barb: 30 > 38 dps, 125 > 160 hp

Arch: 25 > 33 dps, 48 > 56 hp

Unfortunately, sc loves to give upgrades that are linear, so I wouldn’t be surprised that it becomes 34 dps, 140 hp and 28 dps, 52 hp. Its sad how SC balances things, they should ensure that higher levels are much stronger than lower levels instead of giving upgrades just for the sake of upgrades. Most lab upgrades in TH10/11 are completely crap because they don’t add much stats.


A look into my lab and troop levels:


People always say they need to max lab at a lower level, which is utter nonsense. Upgrading few troops to TH11 max > upgrading all troops to TH9 max. You don’t need maxed lab to be maxed offense because you can only bring a certain amount of troops into battle. No point maxing pekka if you never use it, likewise freeze is also a candidate to skip. Even if you need freeze, you can bring one in CC as a TH11 so why bother?

This is why engineers will always win because maxers max all troops and unnecessarily raise their offense weight while engineers only max out 1-2 armies. Strategic upgrading always trumps blind and shallow upgrading like how maxers do it.

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