Started my 2nd inferno to lvl5, which means I will be able to have maxed infernos in 14 days. I hope that having both infernos active will improve my defenses massively.

Having strong defenses isn’t important because it does not help with loot retention and it does not help much in preventing the 3 star. Even weak TH9s can reach legends, so pushing isn’t affected much if I have weak defenses


This is what I’ve been using for the bowler event:


10 giants and its quite a pain to use in high champs/Titans. But on average I could complete the 10 raids with 0-1 failures


  1. Now that holidays are gone dead bases are way easier to find thats cool

    My main acc has the 4 army camps and barch already maxed, currently only upgrading the queen as I don’t have that much time anymore 😦
    Started the upgrade to th10 on the mini as my main priority upgrades are done ( barch/hound )

    Was having few others questions.
    Are you playing your accounts on an IOS device ? If so, how do you swap between accounts? Can’t get it to work …
    What do you think would be the minimum prerequisite to jump into th11 ( for my mini account, as I’m gonna max th10 on my main for wars ) ?


    • Nice, didn’t realise that it was a factor because I haven’t farmed dead bases for some time now.

      I’m using andriod, can’t help you there.

      Maxed barch, maxed collectors, maybe maxed healers, bowlers and laloon. Otherwise, maxed first priority upgrades in early TH10


  2. Getting both and Ipad and an Iphone wasnt maybe the smartest idea for clash :/ Hopefully my old android phone will keep on working for a few months … else I’m kinda fucked

    Lastly ( for now haha ) do you find it worth it to hard-rush th11 ( I mean without 30+ heroes ) in regard of loot and early warden upgrade?


    • Oh well, I tend to avoid apple personally because I like the freedom of android.

      You can always rush with 20/20 royals as warden will boost your army much greater than any offensive lab/hero upgrade in TH10. TH11 loot is about the same as TH10 but might take more nexting

      In fact, I’m writing up a general guide on when to upgrade TH right now


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